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Alarmed by the news on crackdown of Food companies
using Potassium Bromate and/or Potassium Iodate in Bread?

You are not alone!

These chemicals found in the bread samples from Delhi are potentially cancerous!

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5 Major Harmful of Potassium Bromate/Iodate On Your Health

 Cancers – They have been found to act on molecular and genetic level to alter the genetic mechanism and functioning of living organisms.

 Tissue damage – Extensive harm to the lining of organs and its tissues are found.

Collapse of vital organs like Kidneys – High rate of Renal failure and Tumors are observed.

Thyroid dysfunction and Hormonal imbalance.


Bread Manufacturing companies have come under the scanner of FSSAI for not maintaining quality.
As per the Food Safety and Standards Act, any non-compliance would result in severe legal actions and heavy penalties.

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